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Auto Trailer | Soft Vehicle Tie down Kit with Chain and Grab Hooks

$ 285.99

Protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage during transport with fleece covered sleeves on our Soft Tie Down Kits. Some times the best place to attach to a vehicle may be thru the wheels or around an axle.  But what about the chance of rubbing the finish off of the wheel or scratching a painted axle?  Well this kit offers you various ways of attaching to your vehicle without the worry of damage.  You can pass the short strap thru the wheel or around an axle and then attach it to your ratchet strap for securement.  The padded sleeve is easily removable and reveals a Codura covered strap that can be used when you dont need the added cushion or when you prefer to keep the sleeves clean.  3,670 lbs Wll each/ 14,680lbs Wll when used as a Kit of 4!

Kit includes:

  1. 4- 8' Twisted Snap Hook Straps
  2. 4- 36" Axle Straps with Codura Sleeves
  3. 4- Ratchets with Chain and Grab Hooks
  4. 4- Fleece sleeves

Pro Web is truly Professional Grade webbing. Our web has been impregnated with a PVB resin that protects the yarns from Grease, Oil and other solvents as well as UV rays. The web itself is a smaller tighter weave than most "economical" webbing making it more flexible and easier to handle especially when it is wet or frozen. Pro Web is also 50% less absorbent than the other webbing. Pro Web's edges are protected with Black Thermoplastic Coated Polymer Yarns to help reduce wear and tearing.

All rigging is rated at a safe working load limit or WLL. Our straps are rated at a 3:1 safety factor meaning the posted WLL is 33% of the actual breaking strength.

Made in the USA!