Screw Pin  Anchor Shackle 3/4"  4.75 Ton

Screw Pin Anchor Shackle 3/4" 4.75 Ton

$ 14.99 $ 12.89

This 3/4" - 4.75 Ton WLL  Screw Pin Anchor Shackle comes clearly marked with WLL rating and size*.  Screw Pin Alloy Anchor Shackles are an excellent way to connect two same or different materials together in your rigging. An example would be connecting chain and webbing together using the webbing on the pin side to create a flat surface and the chain or hook on the bow side.

All rigging is rated at a safe working load limit or WLL.  Our shackles are rated at a 4:1 safety factor meaning the posted WLL  is 25% of the actual breaking strength.  If you use and care for these products as they were intended and stay within the WLL when using these items you may be able to say to your Grandson or Granddaughter "This shackle was around before your parents". 

*Picture shown is just for reference. Actual item will be marked with correct WLL and Size.