8 Point Roll Back Tie Down System with Snap Hooks and Ratchets
8 Point Roll Back Tie Down System with Snap Hooks and Ratchets

8 Point Roll Back Tie Down System with Snap Hooks and Ratchets

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protiedowns.com 8 Point Tie Down System is one of the most versatile Vehicle Tie Down systems on the market.  With the ability to adjust for the size of the tire, the length of the trailer or Carrier and even the type of connecting points you have.  protiedowns.com offers this 8 Point tie down system with snap hooks on the straps and Ratchets typically used to connect to D rings

Each strap has the ability to hold the vehicle from moving forwards or backwards as well as side to side preventing accidental movement of your vehicle while transporting.  The soft tie system is easy to install since there is no need to reach under the vehicle.  All of the attachments are on the outside of the vehicle.  Available in 14' and 18' long straps for long trailers or vehicles with extremely large wheels.  4,000 lbs wll each / 12,000 lbs Wll when used as a kit of 4!

Classic Webbing- The Yellow webbing we are all familiar with. This is the industry standard webbing with black edging and red chasers up the center. This webbing is great for everyday use and holds the same Working load limit and break strengths as our other 2” webbing lines.

Towers Edge- This Orange Webbing is truly Professional Grade webbing. This web has been impregnated with a PVB resin that protects the yarns from Grease, Oil and other solvents as well as UV rays. The web itself is a smaller tighter weave than most "economical" webbing making it more flexible and easier to handle especially when it is wet or frozen. Pro Web is also 50% less absorbent than the other webbing. Pro Web's edges are protected with Black Thermoplastic Coated Polymer Yarns to help reduce wear and tearing.

Heavy Duty- This Yellow webbing offers a thicker material than both the Classic and Towers Edge but with the same capacities.  This product should take longer to wear and is stiffer in nature than the others. This webbing is great for high wear areas such as using a strap in the same position each time. As an assembly it has the same Working Load Limit and Breaking strength as our other 2” webbing.

All protiedowns.com rigging is rated at a safe working load limit or WLL. Our Tie Down straps are rated at a 3:1 safety factor meaning the posted WLL is 33% of the actual breaking strength.