Pro Web 2"X8' Strap with Twisted Snap hook

Pro Web 2"X8' Strap with Twisted Snap hook

$ 19.99 $ 17.19

Pro Web 2"X8' strap with a Twisted Snap Hook is a great way to secure your vehicle to a transport trailer using Axle Straps. 3,330 lbs Wll

Pro Web is truly Professional Grade webbing.  Our web has been impregnated with a PVB resin that protects the yarns from Grease, Oil and other solvents as well as UV rays.  The web itself is a smaller tighter weave than most "economical" webbing making it more flexible and easier to handle when it it wet or frozen.  Pro Web is also 50% less absorbent than the other webbing.  Pro Web's edges are protected with Black Thermoplastic Coated Polymer Yarns to help reduce wear and tearing.

All rigging is rated at a safe working load limit or WLL. Our straps are rated at a 3:1 safety factor meaning the posted WLL is 33% of the actual breaking strength.

Ratchets sold separately. Made in the USA!