Loading Bridle with Cluster hooks

Loading Bridle with Cluster hooks

$ 81.99

Loading bridles can be used for many different reasons. During restoration, Mechanical failures and controlled loading are the top three uses we have for them.  This Loading bridle is 30" long and offers the top three cluster hooks to make a connection to your vehicle.  Simply connect the hooks to the transport holes in the frame of your vehicle and then connect the Pear link to your trailers winch for easy and controlled loading of your precious vehicle.  No more wondering if you are going to damage the spoiler taking the car on or off the trailer.  Soft Touch versions also available.

Pro Web is truly Professional Grade webbing.  Our web has been impregnated with a PVB resin that protects the yarns from Grease, Oil and other solvents as well as UV rays.  The web itself is a smaller tighter weave than most "economical" webbing making it more flexible and easier to handle especially when it is wet or frozen.  Pro Web is also 50% less absorbent than the other webbing.  Pro Web's edges are protected with Black Thermoplastic Coated Polymer Yarns to help reduce wear and tearing.

All protiedowns.com rigging is rated at a safe working load limit or WLL. Our straps are rated at a 3:1 safety factor meaning the posted WLL is 33% of the actual breaking strength.

Made in the USA!