8' Purple Round Sling with 2,600 Lbs WLL

8' Purple Round Sling with 2,600 Lbs WLL

$ 20.99

The Specifications

  • 8' long
  • 2,600 lbs Vertical WLL
  • 2,100 lbs Choker WLL
  • 5,200 lbs Basket WLL
  • Protective Cover
  • Color Coded

The Benefits

  • Continuious loop offers high WLL
  • Web cover protects the strands inside from damage
  • Durable exterior
  • Tagged with Wll
  • Color coded by capacities


Roundslings are an exceptional alternative to common flat straps for recovery, lifting and anchor points.  The exterior cover protects the rope strands on the inside from being damage in case of cut or fraying.  Our Roundslings carry a 5:1 design factor meaning they will not break until the loaded capacity is great than 5 times the working load limit (WLL).  Color coded to represent the capacity of the straps for easy recognition.  These 8' straps are a great to use as tree straps or around an anchor while winching.