3/8" Dyneema Synthetic Rope Extension

3/8" X 100' Supreem X-12 with Dymneema Synthetic Rope Extension

$ 369.99

The Specifications

  • 12 Strand Synthetic Rope
  • Supreem X-12 With Dyneema
  • 3/8" x 100'
  • 4,100 Working Load Limit
  • Self-Locking hook 
  • Looped end
  • Sliding wear pad
  • Tagged with WLL

The Benefits

  • 1/7th the weight of Wire rope
  • No Memory Like Wire rope
  • Stores less energy
  • Easy to Handle
  • 4:1 Safety Factor
  • Floats

Synthetic Rope has been used in many industries for decades.  It is proven in the commercial Fishing industry to work well in all climates and thru multiple Pulley or Snatch blocks.  Dyneema is one of the leading threads in the industry and it is what we use to build the Supreem X-12 lines. The safety factors of synthetic rope are one of its leading selling points.  Less recoil if it was to break, no sharp snags or burrs like on wire rope, no memory of flat spots or kinks to damage it. In a controlled pull there is no downside to Synthetic.  The main risk is extreme heat and direct abrasion.  Be careful of sharp edges on things like rocks or bumpers.  The Deisgn factor for our Synthetic rope is 4:1.  Meaning the rope will break at 4 times the Working load limit.  Manufactured in the USA