Cluster Tie Down with Gradual Release Ratchet and Snap Hook

Cluster Tie Down with Gradual Release Ratchet and Snap Hook

$ 39.16 $ 36.05

2" Strap with Mini J, T and R Hook cluster and a ratchet with Snap hook.  This strap is great for connecting to the Transport slots of a vehicle and then using the snap hook to connect to a D Ring Tie down point. 

2,000 WLL

Classic Webbing- The Yellow webbing we are all familiar with. This is the industry standard webbing with black edging and red chasers up the center. This webbing is great for everyday use and holds the same Working load limit and break strengths as our other 2” webbing lines.

Gradual Release ratchets allow the operator to slowly back off the tension one click at a time for a controlled release.

Professional grade ratchets with external gears for ease of use and longevity. All 2" ratchets have the ratchet capacities stamped on the side to meet D.O.T. standards. This 2" ratchet is a good starting point in creating the correct ratchet for your needs. Many attachments are available for this ratchet as well.

All rigging is rated at a safe working load limit or WLL. Our Tie Down straps are rated at a 3:1 safety factor meaning the posted WLL is 33% of the actual breaking strength.